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CVHHO is the leader in Hydrogen technology for various engine applications, proving fuel savings, emission reduction, reducing maintenance costs, and increasing power.

Welcome! Central Valley HHO, Inc. (CVHHO) is the manufacturer and distributor of the most highly developed "hydrogen-on-demand" technology available in the market today. Our revolutionary "Catalysis" process, generates a higher quality hydrogen vapor, vs Electrolysis, and is recognized by industry leaders as a breakthrough in hydrogen-assist technology.

We are committed to providing our distributors and customers with this state-of-the-art hydrogen technology, which is designed to increase mileage, improve engine performance, reduced engine maintenance, and quick return of investment (ROI).  Our systems are engineered to perform on virtually any gasoline and diesel vehicles, standalone generators and marine applications.

This website will familiarize you with our revolutionary hydrogen technology and communicate why this process makes our system the best choice for those interested in participating in the world's "GREEN" revolution.

Let us put our many years of experience to work for you.

                                                                                                             -Jen Smith, CEO

                                                                                                         Central Valley HHO, Inc.

C.A.R.B. Executive Orders for Heavy Duty Trucks, Medium, and Light Duty Trucks, Passenger Cars, Gasoline & Diesel

Central Valley HHO, Inc. Proudly Introduces Our Partnership with TSS (Transcendent Synergy Solutions) as our Commercial Sales Division. We will continue to deliver the same high quality products, which offers over

13 Amazing  Benefits.

CVHHO's Omega Series Catalysis System

A Message From Our C.E.O.- Jen Smith


U.S. Department of Energy

"Hydrogen is an energy carrier that can be produced from clean, diverse and abundant domestic energy resources. Fuel cells use this energy in a highly efficient way -- with only water and heat as byproducts."


Guaranteed 10%

Fuel Savings

3rd Party Data

Up to 65%



"Hydrogen can play a particularly important tole in the future by replacing the important petroleum we currently use in our cares and trucks."

Third Party Verifiable Data By GPS

"I have been investigating hydrogen as an alternative fuel savings technology since 2008 for San Sports Magazine. I have published multiple findings on several hydrogen systems since then. The only system that has produced conclusive evidence to work flawlessly on our test vehicles today is the Central Valley Omega Series. I was so impressed I now have one on my personal truck."

Associate Editor, Sand Sports Magazine

Save 20-50% on Fuel

8-12% Gain in Horsepower & Torque

Reduce "Re-gens" up to 40%

Up to 45% Cleaner Oil

Diminished Emissions between 45-95%

Huge Return of Investment (ROI)


Save Up to  $136,645

On 1 Truck

In 5 Years

  Too Good To Be True? We Monitor & Verify Our Data.  Click The R.O.I. Button For The Details: 

We are so confident in our product, We Guarantee a minimum of a 10% Fuel Savings

Made in the U.S.A
5 Year Warranty

100% High Quality Guarantee