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Transcendent Synergy Solutions (TSS) is the sole commercial sales division for Central Valley HHO, Inc. All cells, equipment, electronics are build by Central Valley HHO, Inc.'s manufacturing division.  CVHHO has been involved in producing Hydrogen Catalysis Technology and electronic components for almost a decade.

Jen and Scott Smith have a long history as entrepreneurs and business owners in the Central Valley of California. As a young man, Scott developed a reputation as a key go-to guy for high-end auto stereo systems in the general consumer marketplace and later as an authority in the highly specialized market of show cars. In this line of work, he advanced a keen knowledge base of vehicular electronic systems. (This base of knowledge became a key element in his ability to design functional hydrogen on demand (HOD) systems, which require integration into the electronic system as a power source for the cell and the REV). Unfortunately, the economic downtown in 2008 created an environment that made it difficult for their small business to survive against much larger and better financed competitors.

In an effort to establish a long-term business enterprise, Scott wanted to exit the commodity-type market and sought out a product set that was revolutionary and unique. In searching for new ideas on the Internet, he came across an obscure technology known as HOD (Hydrogen on Demand). The technology was being marketed as an after-market device, which would enhance engine combustion, thereby improving fuel economy.  He began by teaching himself to build some basic system operating on the well-known process of electrolysis, which he did a fine job of separating hydrogen from distilled water. However, he quickly realized that this type of technology was not a viable long-term solution as the very nature of electrolysis degrades the stainless steel plates, thereby limiting the systems longevity. At the time, there were many like him doing the same thing with most operating as a garage based industry and selling systems cheaply over the Internet to tinkerers. Unfortunately, many of these early pioneers over stated the benefits of their system as a fuel saving device leaving a sour taste for early adopters in the marketplace. He knew he needed to do something revolutionary to stand out from these tinkerers and in many cases, charlatans.

As he worded to separate his efforts from the common technology, a mutual friend introduced him to a gentleman named Bob Boyce, who is known as the “Father of Hydrogen.”  Bob is well known worldwide, and while being a bit eccentric, his inherent knowledge of the production of very high grades of hydrogen have resulted in many patents, some of them so top secret, they are only known about in the deepest regions of our government scientists. After hearing of Scott’s progress in the field, Bob was excited with his inherent knowledge of this very elusive technology, which was only understood, by highly trained scientists and researchers. With collaboration from Bob, Scott was able to separate himself from the pack with a system that threw off the shackles of electrolysis and catapulted him the world of “Catalysis”.  To date, Transcendent Synergy Solutions built by CVHHO is the only manufacture in the marketplace that possesses this technology, which puts us all in a very select place for system adoption in today’s regulatory environment.

In designing a Catalysis system, Scott was able to develop a proprietary method of coating the system’s stainless steel plates with a catalytic layer that makes the cells impervious to the degrading efforts of the electrically charged electrolyte solution. In addition, the resulting hydrogen gas, known as Catalyst Gas, is much more powerful and cleaner burning that any available systems. In fact, while most people are familiar with the emerging use of tank hydrogen, our brand of Catalyst Gas is 4 times more powerful!

Around that breakthrough, Scott and Bob then worked to design a heavy duty, commercial grade, long lasting hydrogen-on-demand system giving birth to the Omega Series. Please see the product detail section for further information regarding our commercial grade systems from owner operators all the way to large fleets. 

Being located in California, the home of the California Air Resource Board (C.A.R.B.), it became necessary to have our system certified for after-market sale in the state.  In early 2016, TSS secured this highly coveted designation for installation on both passenger car and over the road diesel trucks. Our company is focusing on commercial transportation business with an adoption as a fuel saving device, maintenance reduction, and emissions reduction system.