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Dealer and Distributor Opportunities Available Around the World

CVHHO Catalyst Technology supports Commercial Trucking Fleets, Standalone Generating Systems, Heavy Equipment, Mass Transit, and an array of Marine Applications. Leading hydrogen authority Mr. Bob Boyce continues to voluntarily endorse and protect CVHHO and our technology through his International Patent and Trademark.

Due to the overwhelming demand for us to provide this technology to a vast awaiting market, CVHHO/TSS  has expanded its offering to qualified dealers/distributors that are serious about taking this exciting and cost effective fuel solution to the open market.

No individual salesmen please. This is an immense industry opportunity that includes initial requirements such as a qualification statement and minimal orders. Contact us for details. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the intricate nature of our systems and components we do not provide individual components to our distributors or clients. CVHHO systems are manufactured as a "Turn Key" bolt-on system. Company policy prevents us from separating and selling any of the components individually.

CVHHO has developed a tried and true approach to providing the combustible engine market with cost effective hydrogen solutions. While we appreciate hydrogen technology savvy representatives, we prefer and are actively seeking distributors and dealers who are eager to learn this exciting technology from our company. After our research, development and 30 years of proven technology, we are confident in our design and system configurations. Company policy requires that we stay our preferred course without interruption. CVHHO supports a team approach to successfully promote marketing, sales, installation and customer service. We look forward to your team working with our team!

We have several tools to provide our dealers and distributors representing CVHHO products. Test data supporting fuel savings and reduced emissions, all third party verified within 1-3% accurancy. Additional test results confirming power increase. NOx is the generic term for a group of highly reactive gases, all of which contain pollutants such as nitrogen and oxygen in varying amounts. CVHHO systems are proven to reduce combustible engine NOx in excess of 72%. We have achieved ground breaking results from the California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.), one of the toughest series of testing in the country. CVHHO has received multiple Executive Orders (E.O.s) from C.A.R.B. and we continue to achieve more. All of this and much more is available through our company.

CVHHO strongly suggests qualified dealers and distributors thoroughly investigate a perspective hydrogen cell and its emissions testing before choosing a HHO system to represent. CVHHO has passed these tests with flying colors and welcomes your request for additional information and confirmation supporting our hydrogen systems.

Emission Reduction does not apply in CA