Emission Reduction does not apply in CA



Catalyst Technology Improves

Horsepower & Torque

between 8-12%

-Engine works less, while achieving the power.

Engine Manufactures Recommend Oil Drain Intervals (O.D.I.) on Average Every 25,000-Miles.
Department of Transportation (DOT) said the Average US Truck Travels 168,452 Miles Annually.
168,452 / 25,000 = 6.738 O.D.I. Per Year
In this Study the truck used Semi-Synthetic.
Average Price of Semi-Synthetic Oil is $5.00 a Quart.
CVHHO Catalyst Technology has lab tested data showing up to
45% Cleaner Oil.

E.G.R. Case Study

Reduced Carbon Build-up

Less Carbon due to the fact

Up to 95% of the fuel is

burnt inside the cylinder

-Save Turbos, Valves, & Heads


(Exhaust Gas Temperature)

Trucks run between

150-200 degrees cooler

65.5C-93.3C degrees cooler

Oil Drain Intervals (O.D.I.) for 13L-15L Trucks

Oil Drain Intervals (O.D.I.)


Longer Lifespan

(Lab Tested Data)

-Less Oil, Filters, Waste

-More time on the road

Customers rave about

how their truck(s)

run more smoothly

& more quietly

Maintenance costs can be just as important, if not more important, than saving on fuel.  As new trucks roll out from various manufacturers, certain elements such as oil life is being prolonged. But at what costs? Our engines are being restricted, which increases the amount of back pressure on the engine. These two factors can cause havoc and serious long term damage. When a truck breaks-down, you could lose a load, lose payment, or lose a contract. Our aim is to keep all your trucks on the road, delivering products while saving companies unnecessary financial burdens. Allow us the opportunity to create a edge over your competition.


(Exhaust Gas Recirculation)

The average truck has 2-3 E.G.R. replacements per year

(Roughly a $2,000 expense)

(Per E.G.R. & 8 hours labor)

Reduce Maintenance Costs

-Test Vehicle: 2007 Volvo, 468hp Turbo-Diesel (1 of 15 trucks in fleet).
-Prior to test, the truck displayed 12 E.G.R. Error Codes on the ECU.
-Installed Central Valley HHO Technology & Reset the Error Codes.
-Central Valley HHO Technology shut off:
-E.G.R. error would eventually reappear.
-Test Period: 9 Months & 187,000 Miles without E.G.R. Replacement.
-All other 14 trucks required 2-3 E.G.R. changes per year.
-$1,500 per E.G.R. plus an additional 8 hours of labor ($125 per hour).

-Average E.G.R. Cost/Potential Savings per Year:

1 Truck= $6,250, 10 Trucks= $62,500, 100 Trucks= $625,000