Emission Reduction does not apply in CA


-User Friendly On/Off Switch

-Unmistakable 3 LED Water Level Indicators

-A Vibrant Sapphire Colored Digital AMP Display

Providing Users the Confidence of Always Knowing

Several Parameters of Their System

All of the REV's Current Remarkable Performance Are Featured in the New REV 2.0


Exterior Box Design and Benefits

This new cutting edge controller is unlike any on the market today. No other hydrogen company can compare CVHHO's electronics or controller. The REV 2.0 will lead the industry for display capabilities, monitoring, and functionality.

Each of our CVHHO's Shells are made from high strength/ light weight aluminum. It is then custom powder coated metal gray or for a slight additional charge, it can be powder coated to match your truck/ fleet. 

An aluminum diamond plate door with stainless steel hinge allows easy entry for replenishing distilled water in the tank.  The addition of a locking mechanism to the door will ensure proper security of the unit.

A vent was added to each side of the unit to increase the amount of air flow.  This allows the unit to remain cooler during use.

Finally, a water level window was created on the front of the unit's shell to allow drivers an unobstructed view of the amount of distilled water in the tank. A bonus feature is the distilled water level line, which is visible from the window and allows the driver to see the maximum amount necessary for the unit.

Water Level will also be visible to the driver/ user via interior display with LED indicators.

 REV Display Controller

Scott Smith's creation of the original REV is actually his second generation controller. The REV's simplistic components are truly further advanced than most ordinary hydrogen companies. CVHHO's craftsmanship and innovation is obvious in every aspect of this turn-key system.

Interior Box Design and Benefits

Revolutionized Controller... Field Beta Testing

-Built-in Micro Controller

-Over 2,000 Lines of Code

-Roughly 2 years of Development

-GPS Technology- Worldwide Monitoring

-E.C.U. Controlling Capabilities

-Electrolyte Management Sensors

-Various Catalyst Gas Outputs Based on Engine Load

-Box Temperature Parameters

-Cooling System Engagement Indicator

-System Pressure Signal

-5 Year Warranty Mandated by CVHHO's C.A.R.B. Executive Order

-Stainless Steel Insert Sleeve

-Robust System to Withstand Accidents, Backed by Rigorous Testing

-No Engine Size Too Big or Too Small

-Various Made-to-Order Catalyst Assist Module (CAM) Design Based on Engine Application

-Every CVHHO CAM is Cleansed and Conditioned Prior to Shipment

-REV Power Module Made with a Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Box

-Climate Control Module for Extreme Cold Applications

        (Under -20* Fahrenheit or -29* Celsius)

-Standard Operating Temperature Limits -20* F up to 140* F.        

        (Down to -28.9* C, up to 60* C)

-A Built-In Cooling System is a Standard on All Units.

-Heat Sensing Technology is also a Standard

-High Quality, Lab Grade, Chemical Resistant Tubing Throughout System
-2.5 Gallon (9.46 Liter) Distilled Water Tank

-EPA Locking Lid with Preventative Over Tightening Design

-Water Level Switch to Counter CAM & Component Damage

-Pressure Regulator Built Into Tank 

-Custom Filter Application for Multiple Safety Precautions

-User Friendly Removable Access Paneling and Lid

-Quick Drain Feature For Flushing

-Sleeve and Shell Designed for Numerous Mounting Options

-Finally, CVHHO Isn't Afraid to Show You What's In the Box.