Emission Reduction does not apply in CA


Sand Sports Magazine Jan/Feb 2011

"Next Generation Hydrogen"


Truckin' Magazine

June 1995

"Hi-Tech Hauler"

Motorsports New Source

Mark Dansie Reports on

Central Valley HHO, Inc.

We are the only hydrogen company to earn his endorsement!

Sand Sports Magazine Jan/Feb 2013

"More Free Fuel Equals To More Play Time, Which Means More Fun!"


Ford High Performance Magazine

April 1994

"The Electric Canary"

"If I was buying an HHO unit now, I would probably go with one from Central Valley HHO, he says. "They use stainless steel plates that won't corrode," he says. "We had higher mileage with theirs than with our titanium unit." . . . Whether on a 4-wheel ATV or a 6-wheel diesel pickup, he says the power boost can be substantial. "We had a unit on a 2003 Duramax dually, and we were spinning our tires," he says. "We put a Central Valley unit on, and though they advertise a 10 to 35 percent increase in power, we experienced more."

"Add-On Hydrogen Fuel Systems Improving Fast"

"Napier Survives Eventful Phoenix to Gain Second Career Top-25 Finish"

California Air Resource Board (C.A.R.B)

Executive Orders (E.O.):

Heavy Duty Trucks

Medium and Light Duty Trucks

Passenger Vehicles