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Mark Dansie Letter of Endorsement

From: Mark Dansie <mark.dansie@gmail.com>
To: centralvalleyhho@yahoo.com
Sent: Tuesday, July 3, 2012 2:32 PM
Subject: Re: HHO Unit for diesel engines.

Hi Jen and Scott

Just wanted to write a testimonial for you to use.

I have been testing evaluating, testing and researching HHO devices worldwide for many years.
I have never volunteered a testimonial before for any product or company but feel inspired to do so now.
The technology Scott & Jen have developed is so far advanced in all areas of performance, efficiency, Innovative engineering, quality and above all reliability, than any other product I have ever encountered. I have seen companies with teams of engineers and millions in investment not even come close to what they have achieved.
They have a track record in the field and in the lab including exhaustive tests I conducted on behalf of a third party.
What is even more inspiring is they are two of the most genuine, customer focused people I have met in the industry.
The quality of the build is second to none and every detail has been attended to. Their design and engineering is unique and provides smooth gas flow at all times.
I am happy to have my name associated with not only their product but these two outstanding individuals.
Kind Regards
Mark Dansie

November 25, 2012
Charles D McMurry - AZ

Scott and Jen hope you guys are doing well I'm still running the same unit I have 225000 miles on my truck and it is running like it was when I put the unit new on in your shop in Oct 2010 more power then ever plus the mileage is awesome!

"I have had a Central Valley HHO. Inc System on my 98 Chevy Silverado 4x4 for over 2 years now. I have not had an problems with the system and it is still working Great. I get 18% to 25% MPG improvement with their system. I would recommend Central Valley HHO, Inc Systems to anyone because it is low maintenance and well built."
Clyde S - AL

“I installed a CS138 hydrogen assist system recently and immediately noticed my Freightliner idling more smoothly with improved torque through the gears.  More important to my profitability, I checked my on-board trip computer while returning home with an empty trailer and was excited to learn my miles per gallon had improved by 22%!”
B.Z. -- Palmetto, Florida 

"Central Valley HHO, Inc. has the best PWM on the market in my opinion..."
Paul M - SC

" I drove from CA to the East Coast with a CVHHO Unit installed on 1 of my 3 Kenworth trucks.  I used 25% less fuel in the Kenworth truck with the CVHHO System installed then the other 2 Kenworth trucks without the system on the same trip with the same loads!! I also noticed there is no longer black smoke coming out of the exhaust pipes on my truck!! See pics on our Gallery page.
P. C.  -- Modesto, CA


"Just wanted to send out a kudos to you. Finished the install of your CSD78K system on one of our 2000 International 4900 vehicles. The engine is a DT466e which is a 7.6 liter turbo diesel. As you know, I have been building my own systems as well trying others for the last 2 years. I am so impressed with the kit you have put together. Excellent workmanship and what a complete kit! I would consider this a typical truck install, and everything I needed was there. Even the lengths of cable and hoses worked out well and thanks for the low profile tank for our install. Fired the system up and took some pictures. As you said, 3 LPM @ 38 amps! I ran it for 4 hours and rechecked everything. All is well, even the temperatures of the reservoir and cell. I may add a cooling fan to help the venting of the closed box.  And with your system, I even have room for distilled water storage and a heater for winter use, if need be in some of our colder locations. Your experience is shining through in the quality kit you have put together.... Well done!"

Joe T - SC